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Human capital, medical technology, quality processes and ethical principles.

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Tri DM

TriDM´s value proposition is based on having top level human capital, the best medical technology suppliers, quality processes and ethical leadership


Tri DM was established in 1987 by Mr Eduardo Montes de Oca Rodríguez


Since the very beginning, the vision of the company was to deliver the best medical technology to Costa Rica and the region


Tri DM has over 3 decades delivering the best technology to patients and healthcare professionals.


Our strategy has been based on the introduction of new technology and having a diversified portfolio.


To have a positive impact on peoples lives
To provide the best medical technology solutions for healthcare professionals, with top level expertise, support and a service that exceeds expetations
We aspire to be the best in the region, providing top medical technology solutions through an innovative and diversified strategy. We aim to improve peoples lives, providing the latest medical technology in a constantly evolving healthcare industry.
We are providers of medical technology solutions committed to deliver a product and service that exceeds our clients demands and expectations Through our Quality Management System we constantly seek continous improvement in our operations in order to meet or exceed requirements and guide our efforts in the marketplace.




Uncompromising adherence to our mision, vision and purpose in our day to day work with customers, employees, suppliers and key stakeholders.


We foster an environment of openness, communication and accountability. We strive to ensure a clear understanding of our mission, vision, goals and values with all of our stakeholders


Our company is built on human capital and diversity, each and every one of our workers deserves esteem, regard and consideration.


We strive to achieve our goals through a positive, energetic and efficient attitude.

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