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TriDM cuenta con un sólido portafolio que brinda soluciones terapéuticas integrales

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  • Bousignac Bujia Intercambiador de Tubo 5576

    Orotracheal guide for difficult intubation with oxygen injection and oxygen connector. The Boussignac spark plug has two channels. The first transparent channel is closed proximally and open distally. The second channel, green, blue or pink, is open proximally and closed distally.

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  • Echoplex + ( 6194.103)

    Nerve-stimulating needle for plexus and peripheral nerve blocks with a special insulated coating that has been developped for its echogenic properties.

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  • Set Combinado Anestesia

    The use of a peridural set for catheter placement in the peridural space, to allow bolus injection or continuous infusion of local anesthetics or analgesics.

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  • VisioPlex

    Visioplex is a non-stimulating needle for plexus and peripheral nerve blocks that is performed using ultrasound guidance (without electro-neuro-stimulation). To make the needle more echogenic, the stainless steel of the needle has been specifically treated at the distal end of the last centimeter. Visioplex is also indicated for TAP blocks (Tranversus Abdominis Plane blocks).

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