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  • Cartridge Details (Lactate, Haematology, Chemistries Electrolytes)

    To perform a test with i-STAT single-use cartridges, 2 to 3 drops of blood are applied to a cartridge, which is then inserted into an i-STAT 1 or i-STAT Alinity blood analyser.  Results are available in approximately 2 minutes for most tests. The i-STAT System allows clinicians to stay with the patient to perform diagnostic testing to help accelerate clinical decisions and time to treatment.

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  • i Stat Alinity

    The i‑STAT Alinity is an easy-to-use, portable blood analyser that delivers real-time, lab-quality diagnostic test results at the point-of-care. Built on the proven technology of the i‑STAT 1 System, the i‑STAT Alinity’s award-winning design features a more intuitive interface that simplifies the testing process even further, allowing for minimal operator training. i‑STAT Alinity is the i‑STAT family’s most advanced testing solution.

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