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TriDM cuenta con un sólido portafolio que brinda soluciones terapéuticas integrales

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  • BiTrac™ Full Face Non Invasive Ventilation

    It has a silicone cushion that gently rests on a patient’s face to create an efficient and comfortable seal. It comes available with a fixed Standard and fixed Anti-Asphyxia elbow.

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  • Control-Cric™ Emergency Cricothyrotomy

    A surgical approach to a cricothyrotomy that helps to maintain control during a high-stress situation. This quick and controlled cricothyrotomy has been created to perform a blind cricothyrotomy in under 2 minutes, and is packaged to simplify the procedure.

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  • CPAP O2-Max™ Integrated Nebulization

    We now offer our O2-MAX mask with the nebulization built right into the circuit. Choose to nebulize your patient, or choose not to with this new closed circuit nebulization feature. Apply nebulization during treatment without interfering with your CPAP therapy. Need to add more medication? Not a problem, just use the needleless entry port on your cannister to apply prescribed medication during your CPAP treatment.

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