Soluciones Terapéuticas

TriDM cuenta con un sólido portafolio que brinda soluciones terapéuticas integrales

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  • Tracoe Percutan Dilation Set

    Scope of delivery: Scalpel; syringe; puncture needle (14 G) with teflon catheter; seldinger guide wire made of kink resistant Nitinol with inserter; short dilator (14 Ch/Fr); guiding catheter with safety stop; TRACOE experc dilator with hydrophilic coating (slides easily after moistening); 4 compresses.

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  • Tracoe Twist- Tracheostomy Tube

    Scope of delivery: All TRACOE twist tubes are supplied with a perforated obturator, a wide adjustable neck strap (REF 903-F), and a product info card with two detachable labels. In sterile package. Including 2 inner cannulas with 15 mm connector; perforated Obturator; neck strap

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