Technical service

Advice, Installation, Maintenance and Support 365 days a year.

Technical Service and


Our comprehensive technical service and support aims to

Our Philosophy

The technical service professionals and engineers at TriDM are directly trained by our suppliers at their headquarters.

Technical Service

Technical Service and Support

Our team has over 15 highly trained technical service professionals and engineers plus administrative staff to support your needs. We are constantly growing and strengthening our position in the marketplace Our goal is to provide a comprehensive technical service, based on four key operational drivers

1. Preventive and Predictive maintance

Our team of technical service professionals and engineers work completely in line of hospital demands and requirements

We structure ourselves to anticipate the needs of our customers through strict working schedules and best market practices

Our broad experience and our historical database allow us to generate forecasts and specific projections for each equipment

2. Corrective Maintenance

TriDM works 24/7, 365 days a year to support any corrective maintenance requirement on the field.

Our staff is always on call and available to provide inmediate support to customers.

We provide nation wide service support to any hospital in Costa Rica.

3. Equipment Installation

Our team works with the most updated protocols for pre & post installation processes.

Hospitals are high complexity and dynamic centers that require top level certified professionals during installation process.

TriDM has over 3 decades of installation experience with medium to high complexity equipment.

4. Education and training

Education and training are a fundamental complement to maintenance, repairment and installation of equipment.

Our team is directly certified with top level specialists from our suppliers.

We work as a consultant and partner with our customers, training constantly hospital staff and personel

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