Our philosophy

We are an interdisciplinary team oriented to guarantee the quality and safety of the products marketed by the company.

What is it?


Set of activities related to the detection, evaluation, understanding and prevention of adverse reactions and other problems related to medicines.


Set of activities or procedures that seek to identify, evaluate, manage and disclose information on incidents or adverse events presented by medical devices, to improve the health and protection of the patient.

What is reported to pharmacovigilance and technovigilance?

TriDM S.A. requires knowing any suspected reaction or event related to its products. The interested party can notify the situation via form for evaluation and follow-up.

The data supplied is confidential.

Types of situations that must be reported

Incidents related to system interoperability: If there are interoperability problems between different medical systems or devices that could compromise patient care or safety, it is important to report it.
Failure or malfunction of medical equipment: Any technical problem or malfunction of medical equipment that may affect patient safety must be reported.
Quality problems in medical devices: If a quality problem is detected in a medical device, such as defective materials, inadequate design or incorrect labeling, it must be reported to avoid risks for users.
Reporte Incidencias (#8)

Notification related to the issue:

Information related to report:

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