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  • Arrow ® EZIO® Intraosseus Vascular Access System

    In any situation where intravenous access is difficult to obtain in emergent, urgent, or medically necessary cases, the Arrow® EZ-IO® Intraosseous Vascular Access System from Teleflex is a proven,1 fast,2* and effective3 solution.

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  • Catéter Umbilical de Poliuretano

    Radiopaque and transparent PUR catheter used by the venous or arterial route. The distal end is beveled to reduce vascular trauma. The catheter is used for the venous route (parenteral nutrition, drug administrations …) and for the arterial route (blood gases, pressure measurement). The catheter comes with a 2-way stopcock with identification clips (red for arterial use, blue for venous use).

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  • Catéter Umibilical de 2 vías

    Fully radiopaque polyurethane venous catheters. One with 2 distal holes the reference (1272.04). The others with 2 distal and lateral holes (references 1272.14 and 1274.14 / 17). Smoothed distal tip. It has a centimeter marking from 4 to 20 cm for codes 1272.04 and 1272.14, from 4 to 25 cm for codes 1274.14 and 1274.17.

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  • Leader Cath Arterial

    Arteriosel is a transparent catheter with radiopaque lines for the arterial line (essentially a radial artery for code 115.0901), implemented by the Seldinger technique.

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  • Leader-Flex + Prolongador

    Leaderflex is a polyurethane catheter, with a 4.4 cm fixation tab and an integrated extension (except for codes 1212.20 / 205 of 9.8 cm in length).

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  • Leader-Flex- Cateter Venoso o Arterial 1 Lumen

    Venous or arterial catheter for the Seldinger technique. It is a radiopaque polyurethane catheter for subclavian or jugular venipuncture in children. It has a canopy with fixing fins. Also usable by arterial route (child, adult).

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  • Lifecath PICC

    Lifecath PICC is a peripherally inserted central catheter (basilic, cephalic, ulnar median …) made of biostable polyurethane and available as a single or double lumen catheter.

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  • Microflash Introductor para PICC

    Peelable cannula introducer for the insertion of neonatal catheters type PICC 2 fr with needle, with a side hole for the rapid detection of blood reflux transparent cannula. The triple-bevel guide wire, for a smooth and non-traumatic introduction and a side hole located near the bevel, to quickly verify the correct placement of the catheter in the vein The transparent cannula with radiopaque line, allows immediate visualization of the blood during penetration into the vein, thus avoiding any trauma to the vessel and minimizing blood loss. Ventilation cap on needle canopy to minimize blood loss Grooved fins to help prevent fingers from slipping when cannula is divided.

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  • Multicath 2 Pediatrico

    Neonatal and paediatric double-lumen central venous catheter Radiopaque central venous catheter inserted by Seldinger technique. Centimetre markings from 4 cm from distal tip and Robert clamps. Straight Nitinol guidewire particularly kink-resistant. The user can choose from 2 types of introducer, i.e. needle or I.V. cannula. This 3Fr catheter is presently the smallest double-lumen Seldinger catheter available on the market. presented in a rigid blister pack containing:

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  • Multicath 3 HFS

    Multicath3 HFS is a fully O.R.X. polyurethane central venous catheter, which is placed using the Seldinger technique.

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  • Multicath 4 HFS

    Multicath Quadra is a polyurethane intravenous catheter intended for use with the Seldinger technique (adult model). It has four paths (four lumens) totally separated throughout the entire length of the catheter. Each line leads, at a distal end of the catheter, into a different hole.

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  • Nutriline PICC 2 fr

    Neonatal and pediatric central venous catheter in polyurethane for short and medium duration peripheral access, radiopaque, for parenteral nutrition and drug administration.

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