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  • BiTrac™ Full Face Non Invasive Ventilation

    It has a silicone cushion that gently rests on a patient’s face to create an efficient and comfortable seal. It comes available with a fixed Standard and fixed Anti-Asphyxia elbow.

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  • Bousignac Bujia Intercambiador de Tubo 5576

    Orotracheal guide for difficult intubation with oxygen injection and oxygen connector. The Boussignac spark plug has two channels. The first transparent channel is closed proximally and open distally. The second channel, green, blue or pink, is open proximally and closed distally.

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  • C-PAP Bousignac

    Respiratory assist device for spontaneously ventilating patients. This device allows to maintain a higher pressure in the airways than atmospheric pressure throughout the respiratory cycle. The CPAP ventilation mode allows: – Recruit collapsed alveoli; – Restore a satisfactory level of functional residual capacity; – Improve the exchange of gases at the level of the capillary alveolus membrane – Decrease pulmonary resistance; – Reduce the effort to breathe; – Redistribute the alveolar fluid to the interstitial space in case of acute pulmonary edema The Boussignac CPAP device and its connector for manometer constitute a device that is connects to a face mask via a 22mm male connector, ribbed top open to air

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  • Control-Cric™ Emergency Cricothyrotomy

    A surgical approach to a cricothyrotomy that helps to maintain control during a high-stress situation. This quick and controlled cricothyrotomy has been created to perform a blind cricothyrotomy in under 2 minutes, and is packaged to simplify the procedure.

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  • CPAP O2-Max™ Integrated Nebulization

    We now offer our O2-MAX mask with the nebulization built right into the circuit. Choose to nebulize your patient, or choose not to with this new closed circuit nebulization feature. Apply nebulization during treatment without interfering with your CPAP therapy. Need to add more medication? Not a problem, just use the needleless entry port on your cannister to apply prescribed medication during your CPAP treatment.

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  • EZCare™ Soft Touch Sujetador Cánula Traqueostomía Neonatal

    The EZCare Softouch is a skin friendly tracheostomy tube holder that wicks moisture thanks to its NeoFoam Ultra construction. It comes in multiple colors and patterns to brighten the environment. Better still, it helps to limit neck irritation while still holding the tube in place. Clinicians can choose from different sizes to suit a patient’s needs and can cut the fabric of the 2-piece sizes as needed to create the ideal fit.

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  • GlideScope® Titanium™

    Incorporating an advanced digital camera with an integrated LED light source, GlideScope® TitaniumTM laryngoscopes connect to the all new GlideScope® CoreTM system for real time viewing and recording. and with a choice of low-profile blades in two distinct options, you can choose the way you want to work.

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  • LMA® Fastrack™

    The ‘can’t intubate – can’t ventilate’ situation is among the most feared and respected challenges in airway management. Designed for the anticipated or unanticipated difficult airway situation and for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, LMA Fastrach™ facilitates continuous ventilation and intubation.

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  • LMA® Supreme™ Airway

    LMA Supreme™ is a single use, second generation, gastric access device which forms an effective First Seal™ with the oropharynx (oropharyngeal seal) and an innovative Second Seal™ with the upper oesophageal sphincter (the oesophageal seal).

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  • NeoBar – Sujetador Tubo Endotraqueal

    When you need to secure a baby’s endotracheal tube, Neotech’s NeoBar offers the ideal balance between security and comfort. The eight color-coded sizes make unit selection easier, and the skin friendly tabs are designed to reduce the use of potentially harmful tape on the skin. The NeoBar is designed to protect the patient’s palate and reduce the occurrence of extubations. Additionally, clinicians can cut the material in an emergency for immediate removal.

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  • RAM Cannula®

    Neotech’s RAM Cannula features soft, gently curved prongs designed for patient comfort. Its simple set up and flexible tubing helps promote developmentally appropriate positioning for infants and children. The RAM Cannula is available in seven sizes. All sizes are color-coded and include a 15-millimeter oxygen tubing adapter for use with low-flow or high-flow humidified oxygen.

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  • Tracoe Percutan Dilation Set

    Scope of delivery: Scalpel; syringe; puncture needle (14 G) with teflon catheter; seldinger guide wire made of kink resistant Nitinol with inserter; short dilator (14 Ch/Fr); guiding catheter with safety stop; TRACOE experc dilator with hydrophilic coating (slides easily after moistening); 4 compresses.

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