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  • BB100 Filters

    Extended Life Breathing System Filter for Use in Anesthesia and Intensive care

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  • BB50 Filters

    Designed for Large Volume Requirements and Extended Service Life, disposable single use patient filter, effective barrier with bacterial/viral removal of >99.999%

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  • Bowman Perfusion Monitoring System

    The Bowman Perfusion Monitor® (BPM)  (cat. #H0000-0710) is the most innovative technology of its kind. The BPM continuously quantifies tissue blood flow (perfusion) in real-time, in absolute physiological units of ml/100g-min.

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  • Camino® Intracraneal Pressure Monitor

    The Camino ICP monitoring system is the most advanced platform to deliver multimodality neuromonitoring from Natus. Continuous monitoring allows for early intervention to potentially improve patient outcomes

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  • Cartridge Details (Lactate, Haematology, Chemistries Electrolytes)

    To perform a test with i-STAT single-use cartridges, 2 to 3 drops of blood are applied to a cartridge, which is then inserted into an i-STAT 1 or i-STAT Alinity blood analyser.  Results are available in approximately 2 minutes for most tests. The i-STAT System allows clinicians to stay with the patient to perform diagnostic testing to help accelerate clinical decisions and time to treatment.

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  • ExtraCorporeal Life Support ECMO

    EOS ECMO is equipped with a plasma tight Polymethylpentene (PMP) hollow fiber, which provides stable performance in long duration procedures, either long duration surgeries or extended cardiac-respiratory support.

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  • i Stat Alinity

    The i‑STAT Alinity is an easy-to-use, portable blood analyser that delivers real-time, lab-quality diagnostic test results at the point-of-care. Built on the proven technology of the i‑STAT 1 System, the i‑STAT Alinity’s award-winning design features a more intuitive interface that simplifies the testing process even further, allowing for minimal operator training. i‑STAT Alinity is the i‑STAT family’s most advanced testing solution.

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  • Leader Cath Arterial

    Arteriosel is a transparent catheter with radiopaque lines for the arterial line (essentially a radial artery for code 115.0901), implemented by the Seldinger technique.

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  • Multicath 3 HFS

    Multicath3 HFS is a fully O.R.X. polyurethane central venous catheter, which is placed using the Seldinger technique.

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  • Multicath 4 HFS

    Multicath Quadra is a polyurethane intravenous catheter intended for use with the Seldinger technique (adult model). It has four paths (four lumens) totally separated throughout the entire length of the catheter. Each line leads, at a distal end of the catheter, into a different hole.

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  • Octopus Prolongador de 2 Vías

    The Octopus are multilumen extensions made of extra-flexible, transparent PUR with low dead volume. They allow several IV lines to be connected to the catheter, each line being independent. To identify the different perfusion lines, each line carries a colored clamp.

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  • Starling Fluid Management System

    The Starling system is a 100% non-invasive fluid management monitoring system that provides clinicians with the confidence to respond to ever-changing patient status and dose IV fluids according to patient response. The Starling system offers an accurate, reliable and non-invasive method to measure flow at the patient’s core and deliver meaningful insights to guide clinical decision-making

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