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  • 3M™ Ranger™ Blood/Fluid Warming Standard Flow Set, 24200

    Responsive to changes in flow rates Able to warm at higher flow rates Disposable set slides easily into the warming unit and only fits in one direction, making set up hassle-free Needleless IV injection port

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  • 3M™ Ranger™ Blood/Fluid Warming Unit, 24500, 120V-ENG-B

    Compact space-saving design Large, easy-to-read temperature display Audible/visible, over/under temperature alarm indicators Convenient over-temperature test function

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  • Arrow ® EZIO® Intraosseus Vascular Access System

    In any situation where intravenous access is difficult to obtain in emergent, urgent, or medically necessary cases, the Arrow® EZ-IO® Intraosseous Vascular Access System from Teleflex is a proven,1 fast,2* and effective3 solution.

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  • Avalo Emergency

    The Avalo Emergency Cart / Crash Cart defines a new standard of organization and function with a host of features that provide reliable performance and promote improved workflow in emergency departments.

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  • Bujia Bousignac Intercambiador de Tubo 5576

    Orotracheal guide for difficult intubation with oxygen injection and oxygen connector. The Boussignac spark plug has two channels. The first transparent channel is closed proximally and open distally. The second channel, green, blue or pink, is open proximally and closed distally.

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  • C-PAP Bousignac

    Respiratory assist device for spontaneously ventilating patients. This device allows to maintain a higher pressure in the airways than atmospheric pressure throughout the respiratory cycle. The CPAP ventilation mode allows: – Recruit collapsed alveoli; – Restore a satisfactory level of functional residual capacity; – Improve the exchange of gases at the level of the capillary alveolus membrane – Decrease pulmonary resistance; – Reduce the effort to breathe; – Redistribute the alveolar fluid to the interstitial space in case of acute pulmonary edema The Boussignac CPAP device and its connector for manometer constitute a device that is connects to a face mask via a 22mm male connector, ribbed top open to air

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  • Cartridge Details (Lactate, Haematology, Chemistries Electrolytes)

    To perform a test with i-STAT single-use cartridges, 2 to 3 drops of blood are applied to a cartridge, which is then inserted into an i-STAT 1 or i-STAT Alinity blood analyser.  Results are available in approximately 2 minutes for most tests. The i-STAT System allows clinicians to stay with the patient to perform diagnostic testing to help accelerate clinical decisions and time to treatment.

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  • Control-Cric™ Emergency Cricothyrotomy

    A surgical approach to a cricothyrotomy that helps to maintain control during a high-stress situation. This quick and controlled cricothyrotomy has been created to perform a blind cricothyrotomy in under 2 minutes, and is packaged to simplify the procedure.

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  • Evacuation Chair

    Enables the efficient evacuation of disabled or injured persons from multilevel facilities.

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  • i Stat Alinity

    The i‑STAT Alinity is an easy-to-use, portable blood analyser that delivers real-time, lab-quality diagnostic test results at the point-of-care. Built on the proven technology of the i‑STAT 1 System, the i‑STAT Alinity’s award-winning design features a more intuitive interface that simplifies the testing process even further, allowing for minimal operator training. i‑STAT Alinity is the i‑STAT family’s most advanced testing solution.

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  • LMA® Fastrack™

    The ‘can’t intubate – can’t ventilate’ situation is among the most feared and respected challenges in airway management. Designed for the anticipated or unanticipated difficult airway situation and for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, LMA Fastrach™ facilitates continuous ventilation and intubation.

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  • Prime TC

    Redefining seated patient transport.

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