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  • Avalo Anesthesia

    The Avalo Series Standard Anesthesia Cart is designed with a synergy of function and technology to meet the unique needs of your anesthesia department.Choose from (3) lock systems to secure your standard Anesthesia Cart, with options for secondary proximity access for added security

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  • Avalo Emergency

    The Avalo Emergency Cart / Crash Cart defines a new standard of organization and function with a host of features that provide reliable performance and promote improved workflow in emergency departments.

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  • Avalo Series Treatment

    The Avalo Series Treatment Cart offers large capacity and flexible organization of treatment supplies in 3”, 6”, and 10” seamless drawers that feature a unique integrated divider system. The Treatment cart includes an expansive work area, with an optional slide out work surface if more space is needed

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  • NexsysADC™_Automated_Dispensing_Cabinet

    NexsysADC™ is the most secure technology to manage controlled medications, STAT/first doses and electronic “E-Kits” — designed for any care environment handling controlled doses and high-value meds/supplies (senior care, hospice, behavioral health, surgery, veterinary). NexsysADC dramatically improves current manual methods for safely storing and dispensing  medications and supplies at the point of care. And NexsysADC is practical (about 40% less than alternative automated dispensing cabinets). At all times, you know what medications are inside each cabinet, who’s accessing them, and what medication is dispensed for a specific patient or procedure. NexsysADC even has built-in tamper-evidence technology. The end result: Medications are secured, and ROI is assured.

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