Soluciones Terapéuticas

TriDM cuenta con un sólido portafolio que brinda soluciones terapéuticas integrales

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  • Clarus® Levitan™

    A cornerstone of the difficult airway curriculum for over a decade. With years of strong clinical support and recent inclusion in the ASA Difficult Airway Algorithm, the Levitan scope is a trusted choice for thousands of doctors worldwide. Essential for any Difficult Airway Cart.

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  • Clarus® Video System™

    Recently added to ASA Difficult Airway Algorithm, Clarus Viewing Scopes have been a trusted choice for thousands in airway management. Portable, affordable and easy to use and integrate into your airway routine, these scopes are perfect for hospital, ambulatory centers, and even personal airway bags.

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  • Fiberoptic Inspection Scopes

    Clarus Inspection Scopes allow for early visual detection of internal debris and damage while striving to reduce risk of costly device related infections.

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