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  • ATP Complete® Testing Device

    The Ruhof ATP Complete® System is a quick, easy to use and reliable method to check for microbial contamination. ATP Complete® can be used throughout your healthcare facility where rapid detection of contamination is crucial. In just 15 seconds ATP Complete® verifies the efficacy of cleaning protocols on all non-critical surfaces, surgical instruments, and endoscopes.

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  • Biocide®

    Ruhof Biocide® is a ready-to-use quaternary germicide cleaner and disinfectant for use in patient rooms, operating rooms, IGU areas, public restrooms, or any other area that needs to be disinfected. It is formulated to be highly effective against a broad-spectrum of pathogenic microorganisms, including bacteria, antibiotic resistant bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold and mildew.

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  • Endozime® AW Triple Plus with APA

    ENDOZIME AW TRIPLE PLUS is a unique formulation of protease, amylase, lipase, carbohydrase and proprietary enzymes with A.P.A. (Advanced Proteolytic Action) which removes all bio-burden and inhibits rust. A.P.A. is the latest enzymatic breakthrough developed by Ruhof Healthcare that greatly increases protein enzyme activity to provide a faster more thorough penetration into hard-to-reach places on surgical instruments and scopes.

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  • F.O.E. Code # 3®

    F.O.E. actually changes the molecular structure of foul emissions into a harmless, odorless gas. Using F.O.E before and after a procedure or whenever noxious odors occur ensures a pleasant environment for GIAs, nurses, physicians and patients.

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  • FACTS® Foaming Autoclave Treatment System

    F*A*C*T*S® is a safe, efficient and quick foaming revitalizing solution. F*A*C*T*S® will remove all rust, spots, stains and corrosion, as well as scale, alkaline and mineral deposits on the inside walls of the autoclave and from stainless steel carts and trays. New foaming spray remains on the walls longer, allowing for better penetration and more effective cleaning. It simultaneously eliminates all noxious and unpleasant odors.

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  • Premixslip®

    Premixslip® is a non-sticky, non-toxic, silicone free and water-soluble mineral oil lubricant that can withstand the high temperatures of autoclaving without becoming gummy. Forming a protective barrier on surgical instruments, Premixslip® prevents rusting, staining, spotting and restores articulation to sticky box-locks and joints. Used routinely as part of the Ruhof Instrument Care System, Premixslip® will greatly reduce repair and replacement costs.

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  • Prepzyme®

    Prepzyme is a multi-tiered enzymatic foam spray that helps to prevent The adhesion of bio-burden to the surfaces of all surgical instruments and scopes. Prepzyme® is a safe and ideal method for keeping soiled instruments and scopes moist, helping to prevent bio-burden from adhering to the surface prior to decontamination. Prepzyme® covers theinstruments and begins breaking down blood, fat, protein and carbohydrates before they arrive in the central service/decontamination room.

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  • Surgistain®

    Surgistain® is a safe, efficient and quick revitalizing solution for stainless steel surgical instruments, trays, basins and case carts. The product removes rust, stains, spotting, hard water scale and mineral deposits frequently encountered from sterilization. It also helps to loosen stiff joints and locks.

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